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Identification of non-value adding (NVA) activities in precast concrete installation sites to achieve low-carbon installation

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Peng Wu, S Low, X Jin
The lean production philosophy has been applied in the construction industry to reduce waste and increase efficiency. It is until recently that the lean philosophy has proven to be effective to meet the challenges of sustainable development. Many studies have shown that lean philosophy can be applied in precast concrete factories to lower inventory, reduce waste and increase efficiency. However, the precast concrete installation cycle should not be overlooked following a life cycle perspective. This study adopts a weighted factor model comprising 30 contractors in the Singapore construction industry and a case study. Construction site layout management practices are investigated using the weighted factor model. Strategies to improve the construction site layout are presented in a case study. The results indicated that there are many non-value adding activities in the site layout management practices that contribute to an increase in the carbon emissions level. Little consideration of green building materials, improper specifications of the precast concrete products, lack of an uninterrupted workflow, and inaccurate estimation of seem to be the most important ones. The results provide good practice guidance and can be used as a checklist for contractors to identify the NVA activities in the installation sites to achieve low-carbon installation. The results will also be useful for regulatory agencies to provide recommendations for contractors to improve the installation procedure and reduce carbon emissions.




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Resources, conservation and recycling.