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Effects of a six-week strength and power training program on punching and kicking impact power in amateur male combat athletes: A pilot study

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posted on 2020-01-14, 00:00 authored by L Del Vecchio, Robert StantonRobert Stanton, Campbell Macgregor, Brendan Humphries, N Borges
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of a six-week strength and power training program, on striking impact power in amateur male combat athletes. A convenience sample of 16 amateur male combat athletes with at least two years combat training experience were assigned to either a strength and power training program (SPT, n=10) or control group (CT, n=6). Both groups performed three weekly combat training sessions for six weeks. The SPT group performed two sixty-minute SPT sessions in addition to usual combat training. The following variables: leadhand jab, rear-hand cross, front kick and roundhouse kick mean impact power, vertical jump height, and five-repetition maximum (5RM) half-squat and bench press, were measured using standard protocols at baseline and after six weeks. Magnitude-based inferences (Cohen’s d (d) ± 90% CI) revealed likely beneficial effects of SPT on cross punch (d=0.69 ±0.76), roundhouse kick power (d=0.86 ± 0.83), and vertical jump (d=0.53 ± 0.66). Benefits of usual combat training were unclear for all measured parameters. When between-group changes across the six-week period were compared SPT demonstrated likely benefits for cross-punch (d=0.75 ± 0.80) and 5RM half-squat (d=0.81 ±0.78) compared to usual combat training. These data suggest the addition of SPT to combat training may have a beneficial effect on cross-punch impact power and 5RM half-squat strength in amateur male combat athletes.






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