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Citrus pulp-based supplement reduces the detrimental effects of high grazing pressure on the performance of beef cattle under a rotational system of Urochloa brizantha

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posted on 2022-11-09, 02:47 authored by Diogo Fleury Azevedo CostaDiogo Fleury Azevedo Costa, SC Da Silva, CM Bittar, CS Takiya, JRR Dórea, TA Del Valle, P Malafaia, FAP Santos
The objectives were to evaluate the performance of bull calves under two grazing strategies and the use of energy supplementation in a rotational system of marandu palisade grass (Urochloa brizantha) and to assess the morphological and chemical composition of the grass. Eighty eightmonth-old bulls of 224 ± 2.4 kg body weight (BW) were used in a completely randomized block design in a 2x2 factorial arrangement of two post-grazing heights (i.e.10 cm or 15 cm)and of a citrus pulp-based supplement (i.e.72% total digestible nutrients) fed daily at 0 or 6 g/kg BW. Initial grazing height was set at 25 cm with variable grazing intervals and stocking rate adjustments used to control the grazing heights. Statistical analyses were performed using the SAS Mixed procedure. Significance was set at 0.05. Forage data from 12 pre-determined paddocks showed no differences in forage mass (FM)and morphological composition at pre-grazing, but greater post-grazing FM and shorter grazing interval in pastures managed at 15 cm. Higher grazing pressure resulted in lowest BW gains for non-supplemented bulls in the 10 cm treatment. The use of an energy supplement and 15 cm postgrazing height resulted in the greatest BW gains; however, combination of10 cm post-grazing height and energy supplementation allowed greater stocking rates. Under high grazing pressure, supplementary feed overcame the normal limitations, and high gains were achieved. © 2019 Universidade Federal da Bahia.






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