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Analysis of the main factors affecting the adoption of cloud based interactive mobile learning in the Australian higher education sector

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posted on 18.06.2019, 00:00 by Nitirajsingh SanduNitirajsingh Sandu, Ergun GideErgun Gide
Today, every business depends on Information Technology (IT) for the efficient service delivery and cost-effective application of technological resources. Modern technologies are being adopted to overcome business pressure, streamline existing procedures and service delivery cost-efficiency for maximising profit due to the increase in global competition and shifts in the customer expectations. Cloud computing (CC) is an Internet-centric computing service that utilises and provides IT services to organisations through the provisioning of resources through the Internet using web-centric software and gadgets without the assistance of any private IT architecture within the firm. Cloud based interactive mobile learning platform is the result of such exploration and this practice of learning is improving with the time. New technologies such as smart mobile devices, Cloud computing and wireless connectivity are opening new opportunities of learning for students. Thus, the aim of this paper is to evaluate the main factors affecting the adoption of Cloud based interactive mobile learning for the Australian Higher Education sector. In this research, a survey data collection technique with existing students using Mobile application for learning and also a literature review process were conducted. Research outcome shows that the use of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning can make learning more efficient and these technologies need to be integrated in applications designed for Australian Higher Education sector. It is expected that the research outcome will help interactive mobile application developers and higher education providers to better understand the requirements of students while providing an interactive learning platform for them. © International Association of Online Engineering.






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