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A socially inclusive and holistic model for those targeted by welfare reform

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Roslyn Cameron
Purpose of the research/paper: The purpose of this research was to develop a socially inclusive and holistic model for career and learning transition for those considered disadvantaged within the labour market and/or disengaged from formal learning. Methodology: The research utilises a sequential mixed model research design which consists of two phases. Phase one of the research involved a Learning Survey of approximately 250 labour market program (LMP) participants in which quantitative data analysis techniques were used. Phase two involved the development of the model and its testing in the field. A formative evaluation of the model in the field was undertaken and utilised a combination of both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Findings: The research developed a socially inclusive and holistic model for those targeted by welfare reform. The model has wider applications and could be tested in the future with those groups experiencing retrenchment, outplacement, post injury rehabilitation, re-skilling and major career and employment changes. Implications for theory: The research design provides an example of the utilisation of a mixed methods research design and presents a model with an interdisciplinary theoretical framework. Implications for practice: The research is significant in terms of recent Australian welfare reform where specific groups of welfare recipients are being targeted to enter/re-enter the paid workforce. The research resulted in the development of a socially inclusive and holistic model designed to assist in the developmental processes associated with building the individual efficacy and capacity needed to navigate the welfare to work transitions expected of these target groups. Value of the paper: The research informs welfare reform policy and practice and would be valuable to organisations and practitioners involved in the delivery of Labour Market Programs. The paper may also be of value to HRM practitioners involved in the human resource management functions related to redundancy, out placement, rehabilitation and reskilling. The paper also provides researchers with an example of a mixed methods research study.


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