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A new method of individual student assessment in team projects

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posted on 2022-03-29, 03:57 authored by Nirmal MandalNirmal Mandal
Assessment processes used for student works have significant differences. A good assessment framework for individual student grades in team projects should be developed. This study evaluates the effectiveness of a team charter (TC) approach in a fluid machinery unit for assessment of individual student grades over other student assessment approaches. The impact of this approach is evaluated using Central Queensland University’s (CQU’s) online Student Experience Survey (SES) data. With careful evaluation of these data, the effectiveness of the TC approach is assessed. For further refinement, several recommendations are proposed through an Annual Unit Enhancement Report (AUER) to the program committee of the School for implementing improvements in the next offerings. The satisfaction data of the fluid machinery unit obtained by SES until 2016 were low and produced many student queries relating to assessment of student portfolios. Using the TC approach, the SES data showed that student satisfaction improved significantly over the corporate target in 2017 and this has been sustained since then.






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