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Mango fruit on tree image collection

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posted on 2021-02-09, 02:44 authored by Kerry WalshKerry Walsh, Alison PayneAlison Payne, Phul SubediPhul Subedi, N Anderson
This collection of images of mango trees with fruit at stone hardening stage under artificial illumination have been used in a series of machine vision exercises, working towards an automated estimated of crop load. The images have been collected from different areas on one farm, from different seasons and from different farms/growing areas. Thus a set of images can be used in calibration of a machine vision approach, leaving independent sets for validation. The image sets have been used for this purpose, with work documented in three publications (noted elsewhere). It is anticipated that other researchers in the machine vision - crop load assessment area might use the images, benchmarking against results achieved to date.

Geolocation Data
Validation Set 2: Lat: 44 00 00 S Long: 068 00 00 W
Validation Set 3: Lat: 17° 6' 37.1232" S Long: 145° 5' 16.296" E
Calibration Set 3: Lat: 12° 46' 49.605S" Long: 131° 1' 49.4868" E




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Central Queensland University

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Rockhampton, Qld

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