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Associated Data for Investigation of the phenolic and antioxidant content in Australian grains using traditional and non-invasive analytical techniques

posted on 2022-11-08, 02:21 authored by Joel JohnsonJoel Johnson, Kerry WalshKerry Walsh, Mani NaikerMani Naiker

The NIR and MIR datasets contain sample information, chemical reference data and the mean NIR/MIR spectra for each sample. 

The x-axis variables across the top of the NIR datasets are provided in nm; MIR data in cm-1. CUPRAC, FRAP, TP and TMA values are given as mg/100 g. Moisture and protein are in % w/w. Starch, amylose, amylopectin, vicine, convicine and total VC are in mg/g. 

The phenolic_contents datasets show the results from HPLC analysis of individual phenolic compounds present in each sample. The content of individual phenolic acids are given in mg/kg. 

All measurements are expressed on an oven-dried weight basis. 

Abbreviations used:

HKW = hundred kernel weight

CUPRAC = cupric reducing antioxidant capacity

FRAP = ferric reducing antioxidant potential

TP = total phenolic content

TMA = total monomeric anthocyanin content

Total_VC = sum of vicine and convicine contents


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