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An assessment of a sub-tropical seagrass, Zostera muelleri, as a potential bioindicator of trace elements

posted on 2020-02-05, 00:00 authored by Anna SkillingtonAnna Skillington
The aim of the research was to ascertain whether the locally predominant seagrass species, Zostera muelleri, could be a potential TE bioindicator. This is was achieved by conducting two multi-factor laboratory Cu and environmental experiments and spatial and temporal field assessments. Results has shown that the seagrasses life cycle and the part of the seagrass analysed can influence the metal concentrations, which is important for interpretation of results. The data held within this folder is pertaining to the Masters by Research project. It contains the raw information and results of the two laboratory seagrass experiments and the results of the two field seagrass collection experiments looking at Zostera muelleri as a bioindicator of trace elements


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