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Towards a better understanding of the student-lecturer-university interactions to enhance learning in engineering

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by W Boles, Robin HowardRobin Howard, Roger HadgraftRoger Hadgraft, L Jolly
This study sought to investigate student perspectives on teaching and learning - to try to make explicit some of their assumptions and expectations and to explore the alignment with the practices of their teachers and academic institutions. We examined student learning preferences and how these interact with academic teaching styles, the model of delivery, and the support offered to students throughout the duration of their studies. This paper presents some results from analysis of student focus group discussions. These were conducted as part of the case studies which involved three universities in an ALTC Associate Fellowship program. The program was designed to explore the interactions between student learning styles on the one hand, and lecturer teaching styles, goals and philosophies, on the other. The study also examined how these might vary from one academic institution to the other. Some aspects of what constitutes good teaching, and barriers to student learning, as seen from the students’ viewpoint were also considered.


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Adelaide, S.A.


School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide

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