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The study of Queensland nurses' attitude and behaviour towards computerisation at the workplace

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by MY Ho, Evelyn HovengaEvelyn Hovenga
The purpose of this study is to investigate Queensland nurses’ attitude and behaviour towards computerisation at their workplace using the Theory of Reasoned Action. The following variables were studied: age group, previous computing experience, computing ability, computer usage, educational levels and years of nursing, in order to summarise the sample cohort. A 7-page questionnaire was developed based on the Theory of Reasoned Action. The result of this study supported the Theory of Reasoned Action, which described the intention to perform a particular behaviour is linked to one’s attitude towards the object and subjective norms. From the survey (n=330), the study concluded that the positive attitude and subjective norm is a significant predictor of intention to use computers; however attitude toward using computers is a more significant predictor of intention to use computers compared to subjective norm. It was also demonstrated that all positive intention produced a positive behaviour (action of using computers at work). This study provided the researcher explanation into certain unexplained relationships between attitude, subjective norm, intention and behaviour towards using computers at the workplace.


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