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The music school as a centre of life long learning

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Garrick Jones
The Music School, whether it is situated within a primary, secondary or tertiary institution, is intrinsically part of the general local community which in itself provides input to the school in many ways. It is the community that supplies pupils, it houses the staff of the institution, it supports the activities of the school by attending performances and most often providing support by financial means. This paper addresses the means of both community and pupil education to enhance the learning of the student and the community member through educative performance, whilst also providing performance opportunity to the music staff. I will use models of lecture recitals within my own institution, the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, as examples. Performances that utilise the expertise of the staff members and participation of the student body, such as the public lecture recital, can create learning opportunities within the goals of the curricula, and sometimes beyond it. The performances can build within the public attending those performances an opportunity to not only create a self continuing learning process, but also an opportunity to participate in the process of the education of the student within the music school. Performance attendance has provided an excellent opportunity to make the community aware of the total activities of the institution, not only those of the music school. It has been possible to provide information on activities such as book clubs, film societies and sporting events. Public performances by students in my music institution have engendered a sense of propriety and involvement in the continuing development of individual students and the music school itself. By building life-long learning communities, the benefits of this educative performance process for the general public and the students can have a flow on effect, bringing awareness of the music school to the community at large and a sense of pride in its achievements.


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Over the Top : the impact of cultural learning in our own and neighbouring communities in the evolution of Australasian music education

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