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The development of a mechatronics design course

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Abdul MazidAbdul Mazid
The paper is devoted to the development and teaching of Mechatronics Design at tertiary level as part of Mechatronic Engineering degrees. General notion about the subject is focused on ideas of uniqueness of intelligent machines and the course curriculum of Mechatronics Design. A general course lay out and proposed subject contents are briefly explained. Mechatronics Design is a core subject dealing with design, development, and manufacturing, as well as, exploring of intelligent machines/systems with high-level hierarchies of intelligence. These intelligent machines or systems are capable of making decision, activating tasks, and carrying responsibilities for the consequences of these actions. Therefore, the contents of the subject Mechatronics Design must consist of a synergistic multidisciplinary approach. These include materials starting from systematic design techniques, development of intelligent control systems, sensibility of the systems, and up-to growing multi-human-like intelligence of machines and systems. Important elements of the subject are actuators, sensors, and versatile robust controllers. Programmable controllers, microcontrollers, micro-electro-mechanical machines, adaptive fuzzy logic controllers based on neural network are found most suitable for the design and development of mechatronics products. One of the main objectives of the subject is to develop the skills of students required for the design of intelligent machines and systems with high levels of hierarchical intelligence.


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6th UICEE Annual Conference on Engineering Education, Educating for the Right Environment, conference proceedings, 10-14 February 2003, Cairns, Australia

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