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The challenges and opportunities of E-banking adoption for small to mid-sized enterprises: SMEs in Jordan

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posted on 2020-05-12, 00:00 authored by Shakir KarimShakir Karim, Ergun GideErgun Gide, R Sandu
This paper focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of in Jordanian E-banking sector. It also discusses the local awareness and familiarization of E-banking in Small to Midsized Enterprises-SMEs of Jordan and gives a consistent assessment of Jordan's current and future E-banking best practices. This paper initially has used secondary data to provide a study of E-banking in Jordan, how to overcome the hurdles in SMEs of Jordan necessary for SMEs to help facilitate E-banking adoption. The research is subject to top academic journal articles, corporate project data and reports, media articles, government and nongovernment corporation-based documents and other appropriate information. Data were also collected by using interviews from Jordan E-business based organizations those are offering goods and services on electronic channels and professionals involved with E-banking related activities. The study found that E-banking is steadily transforming the way businesses to be conducted and changing the business environment in Jordan. E-banking can provide speedier, faster and reliable services to the customers for which they are relatively happy. E-banking services not only can develop new competitive advantages, it can improve its relationships with customers. As a developing country, Jordan is not fully known about E-banking sector. As a result, this paper also overviews the issues associated with E-banking e.g. cybercrime and try to explore the future challenges and prospects in Jordan. This paper also compares the local E-business sites with worldwide brand E-business sites to make an effective solution of Jordan's E-banking. © 2019 IEEE.



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