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Studying online: Extent to which online skills enhancement leads to income enhancement–moderating role of graduate’s tenure in organisation /industry

conference contribution
posted on 07.09.2021, 21:23 by Muhammad Mohtsham Saeed, Imran AliImran Ali, Rajesh Johnsam
170: With recent developments in technology, online learning is becoming more and more popular particularly among managers/working professionals (Riggs et al., 2019; Stone, 2017 & Broadbent & Poon, 2015 ) who previously had rather limited opportunities to further enhance their studies parallel to their full /part time employment. Resultantly, most higher education providers started to offer a wide range of their programs through online platforms (e.g Moodle, Canvas etc) (Whitaker,New & Ireland, 2016; Allen & Seaman, 2013 & Mullen & Tallent-Runnels 2006) allowing participants a greater deal of freedom and flexibility to choose an appropriate time for their studies that fits best with their schedule. However when it comes to effectiveness of this approach, there is somewhat limited /inconclusive evidence (Wache, 2019; Thiede, 2012 & Larson & Sung, 2009) to suggest whether or not and extent to which the skills enhanced through online programs are actually proving beneficial for the graduates in raising their respective levels of income / advancing their career with their existing employers. Our study aims to bridge this gap and provides a very timely insight into future job/growth prospects for online learners in the current COVID 19 contest, based on robust empirical evidence collected from recent Australian Graduates.


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University of South Australia; Flinders University

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HERDSA 2021 Annual Conference

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