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Study on heavy haul locomotive behaviour under a bogie traction control strategy with the presence of wheel diameter difference within a bogie

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Maksym SpiryaginMaksym Spiryagin, Peter WolfsPeter Wolfs, Colin ColeColin Cole, Yan SunYan Sun, F Szanto
Understanding the traction capabilities of real locomotives is a quite complex taskbecause a great number of limitations and uncertainties are involved in the process. One of the design parameters that has a significant influence on tractive effort able to be achieved by a locomotive is wheel diameter. The variation of wheel diameters in a three-powered-axle bogie affects tractive effort and usually has its own predefined limits for operational practice. The experimental approach for determining its influence is not a practical one due to high costs relating of such studies. The numerical approach by means of the application of advanced simulation techniques is a very reasonable technique to develop the required knowledge in this field. This paper describes a methodology required for the study in order to describe a heavy haul locomotive’s behaviour in a continuous traction model under a bogie traction control strategy.


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Graz, Austria


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