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Student study habits and their effectiveness in an Integrated Statics and Dynamics class

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by M Orr, L Benson, Matthew OhlandMatthew Ohland, S Biggers
Integrated Statics and Dynamics is a required five-credit course that was offered for Mechanical Engineering students at Clemson University for the first time in Fall 2006. The large-enrollment course was taught using innovative active learning techniques and new course materials. To aid in the development of the course, 211 students were asked to self-report their study habits in an 8 question survey. A cluster analysis was used to identify three study habit profiles. Knowing how students allocate their time and the effectiveness of their strategies can promote more effective guidance for students who are struggling to learn the material while managing their time, and could drive course design with proper emphasis on each aspect of coursework.


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