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Secure key management protocol for wireless sensor network

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conference contribution
posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by M Alkhalaileh, M Mestarihi, I Mohamad
There are many protocols used in wireless sensor network (WSN), but few of them provide us with a completely secure environment. This is precisely what is considered as a challenging problem which needs a lot of work and effort. Many wireless sensor network applications are used in gathering information for military, industrial, and environmental issues. These sensors for example may be deployed in hostile when they collect precise information about the enemy. This deployment introduces several security issues to apply to the sensor network. This encourages researchers to start developing dependable routing protocols, which are suitable for the network sensor. In other words, if the sensors are deployed in a hostile area without protection against attacks, the enemy can attack the network and may start using it for his/her own benefit. Therefore, achieving secure communication paradigm for sensor networks becomes an important issue. This paper develops a new simulator that is used for key management in WSN depending on the development of two other protocols: Trusted BS and pair wise key redistributions. The results show that our protocol outperforms a couple wise key redistributions, and slightly outperforms trusted base station.


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Proceedings of the 24th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA 2014) : Crafting Global Competitive Economies : 2020 Vision Strategic Planning & Smart Implementation, November 6-7, 2014, Milan, Italy

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Milan, Italy


International Business Information Management Association

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Norristown, PA, USA

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AL-Jouf University; Higher Education Division (2013- ); Najran University; TBA Research Institute;

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International Business Information Management Association Conference

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