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Program adherence and compliance: References to weight training for strength improvement and bone integrity

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posted on 05.06.2019, 00:00 by Brendan HumphriesBrendan Humphries, N Humphries, R Newton, WK Mummery
The purpose of this research was to examine exercise adherence and training compliance in a population of 96 women between 45 and 65 years after a 24 week high-intensity strength training or low-intensity walking program. Subjects were randomly allocated into either a weights (n=50) or walking (n=46) group. All subjects trained twice weekly in either 50 minutes of supervised walking or periodised weight training program. The weight training program commenced at 60% 1RM and graduated to 90% 1RM at the completion of the 24 week training program. Subjects were assessed for (1) 1RM bench press strength, (2) 1RM squat strength, (3) maximal isometric knee extension strength, (4) isokinetic back strength and (5) lumbar bone mineral density (L2-L4). Only 64 subjects (66.6%) adhered to the training program from the original 96 (weights n=35; walking n=29) and training compliance was at 100%. When comparing baseline data between subjects adhering and not adhering, it was found that adherers were older (53.4 yrs v 51.0 yrs, p<0.05) and possessed a lower isometric strength (544 N v 612 N, p<0.05). The weight training program significantly (p<0.05) increased 1RM bench press (23%), 1RM squat (36%) maximal isometric knee extension (17%) and isokinetic back extension (22%) strength. No significant group differences were evident for BMD at the completion of training. It was concluded that short term high intensity resistance training provides an effective means for increasing muscular strength in women between 45 and 65 years. The walking program as used in this study was ineffective for improving muscle function. The weight training program designed to improve BMD for this study accounted for 67% adherence.



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