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Perceptions of travel and risk in journeys around Australia

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by Wendy HillmanWendy Hillman, Kylie RadelKylie Radel
The research formed part of a larger project on survival escapist travel and the concept of tours of non-arrival. This paper explores one of the main themes from the larger research project and presents findings on the category of risk and personal danger. One of the factors that characterises independent and budget travel as a distinctive phase is the extent of risk encountered or perceived. Perceived personal ‘risk’ and dangerous travel experiences around Australia were undertaken by the travellers in the research as a result of a catalyst or life-changing event that forced each of them onto the road. Travelling with little money, travelling under dangerous conditions and in dangerous situations, and being oblivious to other personal dangers all formed part of each traveller’s journey. The travellers in this research provided an extension of Veblen’s (1899 [1934]) notions of emulation and status seeking or honorific behaviour. They had, in all their individual journeys, achieved a high status or level of ‘honour’ in long-term independent travel circles. It was not until they had the chance to re-live and recount their travel activities that their status became apparent to each of them and to others.


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