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Nurses in assisted reproductive technology : a critical part of the chemistry

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by Judith ApplegarthJudith Applegarth, Trudy DwyerTrudy Dwyer, Lorna MoxhamLorna Moxham
Aim: To gain an understanding of factors impacting on Australian ART nursing practice. Method: In accordance with grounded theory methodology, purposive and later theoretical sampling were used to facilitate data collection. Participants were selected because they could convey their perceptions of their clinical practice. In-depth, semi-structured interviews were undertaken until data saturation was achieved with fifteen Registered Nurses who were members of the Fertility Nurses of Australasia (FNA) professional group. A constant comparative approach was used in data analysis. Results: This research demonstrated that the ART nurse plays a pivotal role, balancing multiple elements to facilitate effective and efficient patient care and cycle management. The data highlights the complexity of the role and how ART nurses balance these influences as they endeavor to optimise outcomes for patients and for the ART unit. One significant research outcome was the impact of interruptions on ART nursing practice. The findings related to this issue suggest that this is a potential area of risk. As such, strategies need to be considered to establish a hierarchy of measures to eliminate or minimise the identified risks. Conclusion: The data collected contributed to an in-depth understanding of ART clinical practice from the nursing perspective. Risk management is a key consideration in all areas of health care. Given the pivotal role that ART nurses play in the co-ordination of treatment cycles it is suggested that it is imperative that strategies are explored to facilitate minimisation of interruptions during critical phases in ART nursing practice.


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