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Mask-Ed™ (KRS simulation) to Pup-Ed™ (KRS simulation): silicone props and puppets – the new faces of simulation.

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Kerry Reid-SearlKerry Reid-Searl
Mask-Ed™ (KRS simulation) is an innovative simulation technique informed by a sound pedagogy which sees the experienced educator transform into a patient who then becomes the platform for teaching. The transformation comes through realistic silicone props in the form of face masks, functioning body torsos, arms and hand. The KRS stands for knowledgeable, realistic and spontaneous simulation. This technique was developed in 2010 and is now being used in universities Nationally and Internationally. Whilst this technique allowed the educator to transform into the adult client, the element that was missing was the paediatric person. As a means to address this shortfall the pedagogy around Mask-Ed™ (KRS simulation) was extended to develop to Pup-Ed™ (KRS simulation). Pup-Ed™ (KRS simulation) includes patient puppets and living character puppets who serve as platforms for teaching.The following presentation will showcase both simulation strategies. The central part of the discussion will outline the pedagogy surrounding the techniques. Additionally preliminary findings will be reported on two research studies which have involved the use of puppets. The first includes nurses’ experiences in using the puppets in a paediatric health care context. The second study involves the experiences of undergraduate nursing students when exposed to the puppets in their undergraduate program as a strategy to better prepare them for communicating with children. This part of the presentation will provide the audience with a brief review of the literature, an explanation of the methodology informing both studies and preliminary findings.


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Sim Health 2012 : Innovation. Education. Reseach. Making Teams Work Conference Program.

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