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Manufacturing in Australia : preparing for the 1990's

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by N Idrus, P Moreton, S Masood
Many reports and white papers have been produced in the last decade stressing the problems Australian manufacturing industry in particular and all industries in general have been and are facing.The Institution of Engineers, Australia found it necessary to set up the Task Force on manufacturing which presented its report in 1980 (Crisp, 1980). The Australian Commonwealth Government also found it necessary to set up a number of Inquiries resulting in a number of measures and Programs. The most recent was the establishment of the National Industries Extension Service (NIES) along the line of the successful Agricultural Extension Service. The Senate Inquiry on the Revitalisation of the Manufacturing Industry was still in full swing towards the end of 1987. Submissions were received from industry, academic and government sectors and as such, cover many considerations including educational, public perception of technology and management efficiency. This paper recognises these investigations, inquiries and studies and wishes to suggest the next step that has to be taken following recommendations, suggestions and advice made by them. This next step and a few after it appear to land themselves well in the laps of the industry. It seems that even under the present difficult conditions, opportunities still abound for those who are pro-active in outlook and willing to persist and pursue the vision of success. In this paper is outlined the experience of one such company.


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Fourth International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering (Mech 88), Brisbane, 11-13 May 1988 : preprints of papers.

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