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Leadership in SMBs : introducing the F.A.C.T. Vortex model

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by David RobinsonDavid Robinson, B Nikolic
This conceptual paper assumes from the outset that effective leadership in SME’s can be viewed as being a function of four types of leadership style, namely ethical, authentic, charismatic, and transformational leadership. We believe each is necessary, yet none are sufficient in isolation. It is the fusion of these four styles that forms a particular leadership paradigm. This paper introduces the term ‘Vortex Leadership’, meaning to create successful SMBs by actively involving, empowering and validating all members of the firm through effectively combining the four leadership styles. The collective unconsciousness (Jung, 1971) provides clues to the concept of energy flow. Robinson (2010) expands that to suggest seven synergizing principles. This energy flow, when directed towards a goal creates a vortex that encourages the commitment of participants. In identifying a new leadership paradigm, this paper introduces a model, which illustrates the process leaders can use to create the Vortex. SMB Leaders who successfully introduce Vortex Leadership could potentially enhance the performance of their businesses.


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Proceedings of the 13th West Lake International Conference On Small and Medium Business (WLICSMB 2011) : "Creating the Future", 15-17 October 2011.

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