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Investigating service quality dimensions through exploratory factor analysis in a healthcare setting

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Rooma RamsaranRooma Ramsaran
The most widely accepted measurement scale for service quality is the SERVQUAL instrument. One of the criticisms leveled against the SERVQUAL scale is its inappropriateness as a generic measure for all service settings. Empirical research as to the dimensionality of service quality within a professional service environment, in particular, private healthcare, has been scanty and this study therefore aimed to extend the line of research in service quality measurement. Existing research on multi-expectations standards of consumers being in the exploratory stage in empirical investigations, another aim of this study was also to explore the use of desired and adequate expectations in service quality evaluations. In the exploratory stage of the study, a comprehensive literature review and in-depth interviews were performed to investigate into service quality issues for the private healthcare sector. A questionnaire was subsequently designed and administered to a sample of 500 respondents. A response rate of 40 % was achieved and the data were analysed using exploratory factor analysis and reliability tests. The results revealed that SERVQf!AL is not a comprehensive measure of service quality and additional dimensions such as "Core Medical Services/Professionalism/Skill and Competence" and "Information Dissemination" are important in a private healthcare setting. A new service quality instrument applicable in a private healthcare environment called PRIVHEALTHQUAL thus emerged from the study.


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International Conference on Services Management, March 11-12 2005, New Delhi.

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