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Intranet : how is business intelligence stored in a data warehouse?

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Lisa SoonLisa Soon, C Fraser
Business intelligence has long been regarded as a critical success factor for contemporary business. While its importance is known, research on what data or information is related to business intelligence and how business intelligence is captured for use in an organizational information system such as a private intranet for use within a wider organizational community is limited. This research discusses how business intelligence is gathered, created, used and realized through the storing in an organizational data warehouse in an intranet. A case study was conducted to examine how an Intranet system was designed in a selected organization, how business intelligence is collected and organized, and how it is used for strategic planning, decision making and daily business operation purposes. This research adopts a qualitative case study method using interviews and observation techniques. The respondents explained how structured business intelligence data was categorized and disseminated to users, and how the used information empowered staff in work performance. It was discovered that the design of the intranet directly relates to retaining knowledge of the staff within the organization, drawing all internal resources together, capturing resources from external sources, and forming a repository of organizational assets for common use embedded through organizational work procedures within the intranet.


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Proceedings of the Annual International Academic Conference on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BIDW 2010), Mandarin Orchard, 12-13 July 2010

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International Academic Conference on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing