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Implementing Guanxi elements into Western relationship marketing practices

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by P Prettyman, Xiaoli LinXiaoli Lin
This research project analyses Guanxi style marketing practices and whether they are able to be implemented into a Western style relationship marketing program. For the purpose of this research project, a popular resort in Bali, Indonesia has allowed the researcher to use the resort as a case study subject to the resort remaining anonymous. This resort allowed the researcher to develop a questionnaire and conduct with guests of the resort to seek their opinions and preferences in relation to the Guanxi style practices compared to the resort’s current relationship marketing practices. Results of the questionnaire identified large gaps in the level of satisfaction towards the resort’s current relationship marketing practices. Guanxi scenarios were compared to the relationship marketing activities currently used at the resort in the areas of promotion, check-in, discounts, room upgrades and birthday cards. Respondents of the questionnaire were ultimately more satisfied with the Guanxi scenarios than the current relationship marketing activities used at the resort. Full analysis of the results is provided in this research project.


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