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Immersive remote labs using virtual reality

conference contribution
posted on 2021-06-28, 23:32 authored by Declan Andersen, Aruna JayasuriyaAruna Jayasuriya
Online education has increased significantly in the last decade, expanding the reach of higher education institutions and broadening the opportunities for students. However, online education has some obstacles still to overcome, specifically for degrees that require laboratories to properly prepare students. Medical and engineering degrees are of note, as they often utilise unwieldy and expensive equipment impossible to replicate in a student’s home. Online students are often forced to incur financial penalties such as taking time off work, travelling, seeking accommodation, etc. to complete the compulsory laboratory components of their qualifications. To overcome this barrier, remote labs – where students can access laboratory equipment from home – were introduced to online courses. Delivered through web browsers and with reduced functionality and scope for interaction and collaboration, it is generally agreed that the current remote labs are not ideal in terms of student satisfaction. The lack of access to the equipment and lab environment available to on campus students creates a disconnection which results in decreased engagement.


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31st Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE 2020)

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Proceedings of the AAEE2020 Conference