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How can we improve standards in international education?

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Erlenawati SawirErlenawati Sawir
This paper discusses the language problems of international students. In talking about the global student market, we should not forget that the ‘customers’ are students with distinctive educational and cultural backgrounds, which have shaped their learning. In this paper I would like to argue that standards are not just a student responsibility and not just an Australian responsibility. Teaching and learning of international students in Australia will only fully succeed when the two sets of educational institutions and practices (home country and Australian) are synchronised. Preparation in language learning for foreign study must begin in the home country well before the student arrives in Australia and the right kind of supports must be provided in Australia. The paper offer practical examples of how collaborative work and cross-border networking can help international students to adjust well to the requirements of Australian academic English.


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CSHE Symposium - Centre for the Study of Higher Education Symposium : Higher Education and the 2007 Federal Election: Global Market and Local Policy, Tuesday 5th June 2006, The University of Melbourne.

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