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Flipping the Classroom: Is it a flipping good idea, or a flop?

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posted on 28.02.2018, 00:00 authored by Delwyn JamesDelwyn James, Hermina ConradieHermina Conradie
Advocates for the Flipped Model Classroom (FMC) suggest that through the implementation of this reverse teaching model, students will gain a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught and that the learning environment will change from passive to active through interactive pedagogical approaches. In 2014, this approach to teaching was trialled in the Preparation Skills for University course on the Bundaberg Campus of CQUniversity within the Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) program. The goal of the research was to evaluate this model of teaching in order to identify the benefits and pitfalls to the students and the lecturers. Data was collected through four sources: GoSoapbox, student evaluations, class rolls, and lecturer reflections. Peer interaction was identified as possibly the most positive element of the classroom atmosphere and students as well as lecturers found that students felt empowered to step out of their comfort zones and became more engaged with the content. However, from the educators’ perspectives, there were obvious gaps from the written explanations to the actual application in the classroom. The implementation of the FMC was not based on a clearly defined framework and the researchers suggest that this may lead to this approach being introduced haphazardly. Therefore, it is recommended that a framework be established that will safeguard this model of teaching to ensure this approach to classroom instruction remains consistent whilst remaining interactive and engaging.


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FABENZ Biennial Conference, 3rd, 2016: Accessibility flexibility equity