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Fandom, Triple J and the unearthed competition : a regional perspective

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Kathryn AmesKathryn Ames
This paper addresses the link between fandom, empowerment, Triple J, and the Unearthed competition in a regional context. The Unearthed competition, run and promoted by Triple J, has enabled young musicians in Rockhampton to embrace the notion of a professional music career without having to leave school, families, and a familiar environment. Unearthed launched the careers of Grinspoon and Killing Heidi, and has made a huge impact on the Australian music scene, but its impact on regional youth is also great. The paper is based on a study that reveals links between being a ‘fan’, stimulated by the impact of Triple J on youth culture in Rockhampton at the time (late 1990s), and the Unearthed Competition. It discusses how the Unearthed competition became something that provided social capital in an area that had previously had very little exposure to an ‘alternative’ music scene. This study provides some reflection on a time when Triple J was all-powerful in the Australian music scene, and looks at how the competition promoted by national youth radio made a difference to local/regional musicians.


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