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E-learning and learner needs in information and communication technology education

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Lisa Soon, C Fraser
This paper explores the use of e-learning by information and communication technology students in blended learning. Blended learning in this research refers to a study environment where face-to-face learning and technology-mediated (or online) interaction with peers, teachers and resources happen and students are enrolled in both on-campus education and/or distance education mode. In particular, this research explores how technology is used in information and communication technology (ICT) education in a university that offers blended learning. The sample data were many undergraduate students in seven different campus locations and a cohort of distance education students. They were all involved in a core subject ‘Software Development’ in a bachelor of ICT program that had three group work assessments. The findings indicate that while technology could effectively help students to collaborate in their group work and assessment tasks, some technological features in the learning management system are greatly subject to constant enhancement due to the nature of the subject requirements and the needs to facilitate frequent technology-mediated interactions in some situations. A model of group work collaboration is developed to explain the needs of new design and development of features in e-learning tools.


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International Engineering and Technology Education Conference (IETEC 2011) : Enhancing 21st century skills for global engineers and technology professionals, 16-19 January 2011, Kuala Lumpur

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