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Developing injury prevention strategies through design modification of the Human Machine Interface : a tram driver-cabin case study

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by H Moody, A Burns, Anjum NaweedAnjum Naweed
In 2014, the Tram Division of the Department of Public Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in South Australia identified a high injury rate involving the left arm amongst tram drivers operating the Citadis tram-type in the Adelaide tram fleet in South Australia. An interdisciplinary project team investigated the issue, with a methodology that converged physical ergonomics assessments, human factorsinvestigations and engineering evaluations. Key considerations related to driver-cab interface, including the design of the hand-operated master-controller, vigilance and deadman safety systems, the driver’s seat. Findings revealed issues with the amount of sustained force that was required to operate the master controller and the position of the foot pedal, and how these interfaced with the driver’s seat. The varying anthropometric requirements of the driver cohort intensified the problemsdue to lack of adjustability in these components. The requirement for drivers to achieve more flexibility in positioning themselves and therefore achieve correct posture when driving was identified. Recommendations for changes were developed following consultation and discussion of findings. This included a mock up of a new driver-cabin configuration, which was constructed after the driver assessments, measurements and structured feedback were undertaken, and redesign of the force requirements for the master controller.


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