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Demonstrating compliance with the National Protocols

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Hilary WinchesterHilary Winchester
The National Protocols for Higher Education Approval Processes (the ‘National Protocols’) are a key element of the national quality assurance framework for Australian higher education. They are designedto protect the standing of Australian higher education nationally and internationally by assuring students and the community that higher education institutions in Australia have met identified criteria and are subject to appropriate government regulation. They were revised in 2007 and at that time were scheduled for review in 2012.The advent of TEQSA and a standards approach to Australian Higher Education quality assurance will see the National Protocols evolve into ‘Provider Registration Standards’ and ‘Provider CategoryStandards’ which all Higher Education providers are required to meet. In Cycle 2 audits, Australian Universities have been required to demonstrate their adherence to the National Protocols as a precursor to their AUQA audit. This workshop will assist those Universities still to undertake a Cycle 2 audit. There will also be discussion about the new ‘Provider Registration Standards’ and ‘Provider CategoryStandards’ which it is proposed will apply eventually to all Higher Education providers.


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Proceedings of the Australian Universities Quality Forum (AuQF2010) : quality in uncertain times, Gold Coast, Australia, 30 June-02 July 2010.

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