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Competency standards: a question of 'fit'

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Carina AndersonCarina Anderson, Lorna MoxhamLorna Moxham, John BroadbentJohn Broadbent
Nursing competency standards were developed to ensure a high standard of nursing service to the general public. The ANMC national competency standards also apply to mental health nurses. In 1997 the Australian Nursing Council Inc declared that “national competency standards are core standards which all nurses must possess”. The notion of competence and what it is, can be a contentious issue and causes confusion. In its simplest form competent practice could be described as the ability to perform a specific task, function or action. Specifically in mental health nursing there is more to competence than simply performing a task successfully. Given the significance that competence is multi facetted and the fact that every RN is assessed against the ANMC competency standards, it is imperative that these standards are met across all nursing disciplines. Being able to provide safe, competent care to consumers is rooted into the very foundations of mental health nursing. Competent mental health nursing practice incorporates skills, abilities, values, expert knowledge, personal qualities and a desire to engage in reflective practice. This presentation will reflect on how to meet the ANMAC Competency standards in your mental health nursing practice.


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