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Changing values in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): A preliminary study of the Gen Y cohort

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posted on 14.08.2018, 00:00 by P Jayashree, M Thorpe, Peter HosiePeter Hosie, S AlMahmoud
An area of considerable debate amongst social scientists and the wider public is the intergenerational value shifts that might occur as an outcome of economic progress. In discussion and research on this topic, the terms ‘Materialistic vs. Postmaterialistic values’ have become widely used, with the shift from Materialistic to Postmaterialistic values having var ying implications for work patterns besides serving as the conduit for wider societal changes (Inglehart, 1977, 1990). Using an edited version of the World Values Survey (WVS), the present study provides some preliminary evidence from United Arab Emirates (UAE) regarding the value orientation of Gen Y UAE nationals measured at a point in time. Some related attitudes as captured in various measures of subjective wellbeing are also reported. Results indicate a strong adherence to traditional values and a strong pride in National identity combined with some post materialistic values such as need for creative expression and recognition of individual performance, with the majority of the participants giving high importance to ‘doing something good for the society’ . Participants also ranked very highly on measures of ‘subjective wellbeing’ and ‘satisfaction with life’ with 98.1% of the sample considering themselves either ‘very happy’ or ‘rather happy’ with all participants being either ‘satisfied’, ‘highly satisfied’ or ‘completely satisfied’ with life. Results from this preliminary study provide some directions for further research besides having important implications for policy makers and employers within the region


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Belfast Waterfront, Northern Ireland


British Academy of Management

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London, UK

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University of Wollongong in Dubai; Curtin University; Higher Colleges of Technology Dubai Women’s College, UAE

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28th British Academy of Management Conference (BAM 2014)