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Assessing the practice of project-based JV between local and international contractors in the UAE

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posted on 2018-08-10, 00:00 authored by Samer SkaikSamer Skaik, H Oweineh
This paper is about assessing the practice of Project-Based Joint Ventures formed between local and international contractors in the UAE construction industry. This common practice nowadays, provides the means for contractors to quickly add resources to enhance project acquisition. Studies indicate that JVs are among the tools that contractors will need to get together in the face of increasing market demands. Specifically, Project-Based JVs are often used in the UAE Construction industry with an exceptional growth in an attempt to diversify from Oil and Gas. The UAE is very business friendly which makes it attractive for such kind of alliance or partnership for local contractors to get the necessary experience and for international contractors to minimize the risks associated with entering new markets. In this context, studies that evaluate this alliance phenomenon in the UAE construction industry are limited. The few industry-related studies have primarily focused on large, international JVs; yet, many JVs are formed on small and medium-sized projects within the UAE. The paper aims to assess the current practices and understand the many factors involved with forming, managing, and controlling JV partnerships. The research methodology adopted a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches. First, a closed question survey was disseminated to construction professionals in the UAE in light of the literature findings. Second, two case studies were demonstrated and analysed, then triangulated with the literature and survey findings to remove possible bias and improve the confidence in the collected data. The paper concluded that the JV in the UAE construction industry is mostly formed on project-basis rather than continuous collaboration. The management control mostly used in the UAE construction industry is shared management of activities in a venture with the operations shared between parents. The paper addressed major factors that lead to successful JV in the construction projects of the UAE which are namely trust, correct structure, communication, and partner's commitment. Partners' common objectives do not affect the JV success or failure. Willingness to adapt eliminates conflicts and enhances the JV success prospect.


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