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An active steering bogie for heavy haul diesel locomotives

conference contribution
posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Scott SimsonScott Simson, Colin ColeColin Cole
The steering task for heavy haul locomotives can involve high levels of tractive effort during curving on steep gradients. Traction curving has been reported as problematic for current steering locomotive bogies [1], [3], [4]. The Centre for Railway Engineering (CRE) has been investigating traction steering performance. Improvements in traction steering performance will produce more efficient rail transport. Simulations involving curving and hunting evaluations have been completed for a wide range of traction bogie designs. A new bogie design concept is proposed involving yaw actuation of the bogie frame with forced steering linkages (AY-FS Bogie). Simulation tests have shown this concept able to reduce traction curving wear by 61% from improved steering under traction. The bogie concept is also capable of high speed stability performance. AY-FS bogie has further advantages over AWY bogie designs, [6] in that none of the actuation equipment or sensors for AY-FS bogie’s need to be mounted on the bogie frame. Further development of the research is needed with a prototype design simulation testing to optimise the suspension settings and control design for optimised performance.


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