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A study for the implementation of web-enhanced relationship marketing focused sustainable growth model on Bangladesh Cricket Board

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by Ergun GideErgun Gide, S Shams
A Relationship Marketing (RM) model has been developed through the analysis of web-enhanced RM focused promotional strategies of five grown sporting cases. Based on the encouragement and consequent approval of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), the potential implementation of the model on BCB has been justified to enable their sustainable growth. A focus group study has been undertaken to justify the potential implementation of the model from BCB perspective. Diagnosing the potential significance, consequences, opportunities and problems of the web-enhanced RM focused sustainable growth model to enabling BCB’s growth by generating focus group’s impression about the model was the aim of the focus group study. The participants of the focus group study were chosen from the e-marketing experts, practicing in the same market, where the BCB has been operating their businesses. The result of the focus group study has appeared as positive and promising towards initiating a sustainable approach for BCB’s operation. A series of web-based RM focused promotions and market offerings are recommended, and the approach of implementing other similar and diverse numerous opportunities are suggested to BCB to initiate their journey towards sustainable growth by implementing the model. The result of the study shows that the web-enhanced RM focused promotional strategies, learnt from one market are applicable in different markets, but the relationship goals need to be accomplished following the target market’s needs, wants and demands.


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