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A higher degree of the chilly climate

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by Patricia BovingdonPatricia Bovingdon, Philip BrethertonPhilip Bretherton, Angela DobeleAngela Dobele
The defined phenomenological constructs of the chilly climate environment (CCE), exist within a classroom environment and predominantly focus on sexual discrimination rather than women and multiple roles. Women enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research program complete the majority of study outside the classroom. With an increasing focus on time to completion, women need to sustain a raised level of commitment to maintain adequate progress, whilst in conflict with their multiple roles. This research posits that the CCE may be aggravated by the actors within role strain (spouse, work and family and friends), in addition to the existing actors within the CCE (Male Peers, Faculty and Lecturer/Supervisor). Women participants completed the CCE peer questionnaire and participated in a focus group. A triangulation method was applied to explore the hypothesis that the actors within role strain, contribute to the chilly climate. The CCE phenomenon is not confined to a classroom environment implicating sexual disparity, but is a gender based holistic and encompassing phenomenon, inclusive of many actors and exists within multiple realities for women undertaking higher degree studies. Recommendations include a revised tool to measure the CCE experiences for women and other strategic measures for adoption within Higher Education institutions.


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