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The Learning management concept

posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 authored by Richard SmithRichard Smith, Teresa MooreTeresa Moore
In this chapter we introduce the concept of “learning management” and its role in facilitating new directions and innovative disruptions for teacher education and training where our focus is on preparing learning managers to be leaders in the knowledge economy and knowledge society. This chapter is presented in three major sections; the first section deals with a potted history of teacher training with reference to the traditional Bachelor of Education (BEd). We then provide a rationale for new innovations in teacher education and training. In the second section we conceptualise the notion of “learning management” through the framework of disruptive innovations and then contrast this concept with the standard BEd degree type program. This theorisation outlines the differences between two ‘teacher education’ mindsets and presents a point of departure for rejuvenating and transforming teacher education and training. The third section of this chapter looks in detail at the Batchelor of Learning Management, a disruptive innovation that we argue provides a new direction/strategy for the training and preparation of workplace ready 21st century graduates to negotiate the contemporary knowledge society.


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Rise of the learning manager : changing teacher education

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