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Personnel performance management

posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Evelyn HovengaEvelyn Hovenga
Individual performance evaluation is also referred to as performance appraisal, performance evaluation, performance management, performance review, and personal planning and development. These terms reflect the various uses to which this activity may be put and the desire for individual performance improvement. Whichever definition and method is adopted, it is imperative that the employee knows and understands from the outset what his/her work consists in, how long it takes to perform, and the expectations of the manager. An individual worker's view of what constitutes good or acceptable performance may not match the expectations or values of his or her peers, immediate superiors or employer. Therefore, there needs to be a clear understanding of work requirements by all parties. Position descriptions can be used to assist that process, and they can be seen as forming part of the contract between employer and employee. The accuracy, comprehensiveness and clarity of position descriptions will influence common understandings of performance requirements and expectations. This chapter covers the above concepts and includes a description of methods used to analyse work, which are indispensable when preparing position descriptions, selection criteria and ways of documenting these to enable performance management relative to position requirements to take place. The use of performance indicators is also covered. Appropriate systems need to be in place to enable managers, both administrative and clinical, to evaluate the process of the provision of services. Better information about the relationships between inputs, processes, costs and outcomes is expected to lead to better decision making, improved methods of service delivery and hence improved outcomes. Personnel constitute a vital factor in the health care industry, as they perform the processes that constitute health service delivery. Sound personnel management, continuously aiming to improve work performance, will lead to improved outcomes for health care consumers.


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