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Parenting support in an early childhood learning context

posted on 2021-05-11, 04:24 authored by Karen MT Turner, Cassandra DittmanCassandra Dittman, Julie C Rusby, Shawna Lee
The single most important thing we can do as a society to positively transform the lives of children and prevent social, emotional, and behavioral problems and child maltreatment is to increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents in the task of raising children at a whole-of-population level. This book provides an in-depth description of a comprehensive population-based approach to enhancing competent parenting known as the Triple P—Positive Parenting Program. Delivered as a multilevel system of intervention within a public health framework, Triple P represents a paradigm shift in how parenting support is provided. The Power of Positive Parenting is structured in eight sections that address every aspect of the Triple P system, including (a) the foundations and an overview of the approach; (b) how the system can be applied to a diverse range of child presentations; (c) the theoretical and practical issues involved in working with different types of parents and caregivers; (d) the importance of, and how parenting support can be provided in, a range of delivery contexts; (e) how the system can respond to and embrace cultural diversity of families everywhere; (f) the strategies needed to make large-scale, population-level implementation of the system succeed; (g) lessons learned from real-world applications of the full multilevel approach to parenting support at a population level; and (h) future directions and how further program development and innovation can be supported for this approach to reach its full potential in positively transforming the lives of all children, parents, and communities.



Sanders MR; Mazzucchelli TG

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The power of positive parenting transforming the lives of children, parents, and communities using the Triple P system