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Diesel engine performance and emission study using soybean biodiesel blends with fossil diesel

posted on 2019-04-17, 00:00 authored by Md Abul Kalam AzadMd Abul Kalam Azad, Mohammad RasulMohammad Rasul, B Giannangelo, Shams AhmedShams Ahmed
Biodiesel is an ecofriendly and renewable source of energy which can be used as a sustainable alternative fuel for diesel engine. The study investigated engine performance and emission using soybean biodiesel blends with fossil diesel. The physiochemical fuel properties of the biodiesel were determined using ASTM and EN standards. The biodiesel was blended in different proportions like 5% biodiesel and 95% diesel (by volume) denoted as B5, similarly B10, B20 and B50. The biodiesel blends were tested in a multicylinder, diesel engine coupled with electromagnetic dynamometer, under ISO 8178–4 test procedure. The study found that the biodiesel blends produce less brake power, brake torque and relatively higher brake-specific fuel consumption compared with diesel fuel. However, these fuels significantly reduce exhaust gases, namely, CO, CO2 and HC but emit a bit more NOx compared with diesel. The reduction in emissions were different for each biodiesel blend. The study concluded that both B5 and B10 blends are the optimum blends that produce more consistent and expected results compared with other blends.



Aloui F; Dincer I

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