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An evaluation of the Bachelor of Learning Management degree at Central Queensland University

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by L Ingvarson
This chapter provides a summary of an evaluation of the Bachelor of Learning Management Degree that was conducted by ACER late in 2004 and early in 2005. We approached the evaluation of the BLM program with a fair degree of scepticism. The teacher education field tends to be higher on rhetoric that substantiated evidence about what works and - from our initial reading of literature from Central Queensland University - it seemed the BLM developers had set a new benchmark for enthusiastic rhetoric, as the following commentary, supplied by the BLM developers tends to illustrate: The BLM 'knowledge acquisition' model is 'built into' the sequence, pacing and structure of the program so that on graduation teachers ('learning managers') can do the job for which they are paid in ways that have the potential to transform the profession. The BLM program produces skill-sets such as oral and written communicatoin abilities; functional numeracy and competency in the use of information technology; problem solving and analytical and creative skills; the ability to work as a constructive member in teams; and personal integrity and responsibility. And of course, graduates can 'teach' - apply pedagogical strategies that achieve learning outcomes - at the level of expertness required in the program.


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Smith R; Lynch D

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Rise of the learning manager : changing teacher education

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