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Transforming IT education : promoting a culture of excellence

posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by C Bruce, G Mohay, G Smith, I Stoodley, R Tweedale
"This book is a case study of engagement with the scholarship of learning and teaching. People interested in the learning and teaching of information technology in the higher education sector; and those looking for insights into the pursuit of the scholarship of learning and teaching, as well as the range of forms that activity may take in a localised setting, will want to read this book. The reader will find amongst the chapters gathered here examples of learning and teaching innovations and research. These range from the provision of outstanding online learning environments, to the use of proprietary curriculum, mentoring programs, professionally grounded first year curriculum, and administrative systems. Examples of research projects reported include investigations into first year student learning styles, how students learn to search the internet, how students learn to program and the range of capabilities required of our graduates by industry."--back cover.


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Informing Science

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Santa Rosa, Calif.

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