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The sensible sleep solution : a guide to sleep in your baby's first year

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Sarah BlundenSarah Blunden, A Willcocks
Did you know that by 12 months of age 15 to 30 per cent of babies are likely to have a sleep problem? The good news is that most sleep problems in toddlers are preventable, and this book tells you how. Unlike other books on baby sleep, this book is based on a middle road of baby sleep advice that lies somewhere between the extremes of giving in (i.e. having your baby share your bed when you’d prefer not to) or letting your baby cry for increasing periods (controlled crying). The information in this book is based on the latest evidence and research around infant sleep. Look for a number at the end of a sentence to indicate the source of the information; all books and research papers referred to are listed at the back of this book.There is no shortage of advice about baby sleep. Some people will tell you that you can quickly get your baby into a routine and back to normal life without too much fuss; others will tell you that your life (and sleep) will never be the same again. Some ‘experts’ will try to convince you of the need to teach your baby to sleep; others will tell you that letting your baby cry will result in long-term psychological damage. With a lot of information available and with so much supposedly hanging in the balance, it is no wonder that many new parents feel anxious about their baby’s sleep and what to do about it. This book is a realistic and sensible guide to your baby’s development and how this relates to sleep, and provides practical information and tips for the first year.


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