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Sustainable development in resource-intensive regions : exploring economic opportunites and their social impact in regional Australia, Conference program

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by CQUniversity
The social, environmental and economic impact of the Australian resources boom is currently a major research and policy topic impacting the agendas of government, industry and the university sector alike. On June 27 and 28 the Eidos Institute will be engaging academic, community and business leaders in a discussion of one of the most important issues faceing modern Australia: Sustainable development in resource intensive regions. Hosted in Gladstone, QLD, this two-day National Conference will be themed around mechanisms for planning for sustainable development, the social dimensions of the energy and resources sector and improving research and industry connections in sustainable development. This will be the second national Conference held by Eidos on the impact of the resources industry as part of the its work to draw together experts across all sectors to come together in order to consider multi-disciplinary responses to public policy concerns.


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