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Seagrass restoration : the development of a decision-based restoration framework

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Marnie CampbellMarnie Campbell
Seagrasses are a critical coastal habitat that provide many ecosystem functions. The global trend of seagrass habitat loss has resulted in an increase in restoration and mitigation research, yet this research has met with limited success. To address this, this book presents a decision-based restoration framework that can be used by practitioners and scientists alike to increase seagrass transplant success. The book reviews seagrass loss and global seagrass restoration efforts, using this information to establish a conceptual framework that targets selection of optimal restoration sites, delineates selection of appropriate seagrass transplant units, and provides direction about habitat modification. Examples of seagrass transplants from around the globe are presented; experimental field and laboratory work is used to test the framework components, with Western Australia being used as a case study region to validate the framework. The framework presented and tested here will be a useful tool for people working in seagrass restoration, including scientists, environmental managers, nongovernment organisations, and community groups.





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