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Reforming homework : practices, learning and policy

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Michael HorsleyMichael Horsley, R Walker
This book promotes the view that there are different ways of approaching homework as a cultural practice and that there are different ways of organising homework for different school and cultural contexts.. Homework has been a controversial issue for over 100 years. Much of the early opposition to homework came from progressive educators who were opposed to the traditional emphases on student learning through practice and repetition, and proposed that student learning through inquiry and experimentation was more effective. The controversy has accelerated in the 21st century and much of the debate now centres around the purpose and effectiveness of homework. Reforming Homework analyses the research and addresses three key issues: 1. Is homework beneficial for student achievement outcomes? 2. Does homework help to develop the skills of independent, self-directed learning in students? 3. Is parental involvement in their children’s homework activities beneficial for achievement, motivation and the development of independent learning skills? The book goes further and discusses sociocultural theories of learning, thinking, cognitive development and motivation. It also provides details about the implications of homework for each of the stakeholders – teachers, students and parents - and offers suggestions about ways in which homework can be approached in order to get the best results. In addition to its strong theoretical underpinnings, this title or book, identifies the implications for equity and homework policies, and provides frameworks for guiding homework practices and possible solutions to the issues which have been contested for over a century. Containing vignettes, case studies and checklists for best practice, Reforming Homework is the most comprehensive synthsesis of research on homework and student achievement to date.


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